GameZilla Media Gives Back

Update: WE DID IT!!! We broke $7000 and will be delivering 2 gaming carts to C.S Mott Children’s Hospital!!!


More images and videos will be added here when we deliver the gaming carts to C.S Mott Children’s Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word for our cause! I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who donated to GameZilla Gives Back.

  • Canton High School Student Congress

  • Aisin Technical Center of America

  • J.D Power

  • TheNinjaCarter

  • Sean Flac

  • Justin White

  • Andrew Perez

  • Ric & Cindy Testasecca

  • Eric Ahn

  • Tyler Bergstrom

  • Irene Daniels

  • Amber Graham

  • Beth Porter

  • Blaine Bogus

  • Elizabeth Kolozsvary

  • Bobby Lipps

  • Ellen Yerks

  • Jeff Rupersburg

  • Julie Knakal

  • Danny Neleman

  • Marty Testasecca

  • Onalee Wolski

  • TiaMarie Michalco

  • Judy Bright

  • Brandon Dusseau

  • Tyler Bailey

  • Vince Zobel

  • Bharanth Kumar Kankarla

  • Sherry Cantrekk

  • Jake StAmour

  • Nick Weidner

  • Kit Yerks

  • Lisa Allen

  • Devon Obabachian

  • William Bowles

  • Scott Willis

  • Caleb Engle

  • Invalid-ID

  • Matt Agius

  • Dale Adamiak

  • Dwight Kirkpatrick

  • Lance Szydzik

  • Sarah Smolarek

  • Craig Shaw

  • Player1Miggy

  • Sophie Love

  • Wes DeLong

  • Gina Wildauer

  • Nate Maruffo

  • Josh Goldberg

  • Joe Getkin

  • Tony Morelli

  • Ethan Yerks

  • Jason Parks

  • Jade Parks

  • Josh Testasecca

  • and the several Anonymous users that donated

Thank you all for supporting our cause, we are so proud to be delivering these gaming carts to the kids and wouldn’t of been able to make this happen without our amazing community!

GameZilla Media is a Metro-Detroit based multimedia company covering with a heavy focus on the gaming industry. We record 4 weekly podcasts, maintain an active blog, create an assortment of YouTube videos, and have a stream team, so there’s something for everyone.

Our CEO, Jason Parks (Grimlock), spent a tremendous amount of time at the children’s hospital for multiple procedures and surgeries when he was younger. Throughout these years it meant less time enjoying video games, which he still remains very passionate of to this day.

His most fond memory at the Children’s Hospital is when he received a Game Boy during one of his visits as a birthday gift, which allowed him to keep the gaming going even when he wasn’t at home.

Our desire is to help provide children with a way to game while at the hospital, which is why for GameZilla Gives Back 2018 we decided to support Gamers Outreach and donate the funds to build a "GO Kart" (portable gaming cart).

Streaming Event :

Join us live on December 8, 2018 from 12:00pm (noon) EST - 12:00am (midnight) EST over on Testanomics' Twitch channel for a 12 hour Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate charity stream where the GameZilla Media team and local community will be playing and drawing additional awareness to our campaign. Also, we have a few events that'll take place on stream if we reach certain milestones before or during the broadcast.

Find GameZilla Media on our website, TwitterTwitchYouTubeInstagram, and Patreon or by searching 'GameZilla Media' on iTunes, Google Music, Stitcher, Tune-In Radio, Spotify, or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.