Spearhead Games (OmenSight) - GameZilla Alpha ep53

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Grimlock and Deadite hangout with Malik from Spearhead Games and talk about their upcoming game Omensight. Malik explains how a smaller indie group has more flexibility and freedom when it comes to game design. We covered a lot when it comes to Omensight like art design, story telling , mechanics and more on this episode of GameZilla Alpha. 

Visit the Omensight page to learn more about the game and stay tuned for some special events via the wish list tab.  https://www.omensight.com/


Launch week of May 15th will have a 10% discount for Steam users. 


Pre order your copy now on PS4 and get ready for Omensight dropping on May 15th. Are you a PS+ member? if so pre order now and save 20% on the game. 



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Visit Spearhead Games main site to learn more about Stories: The Path of Destinies, ACE and Tiny Brains. http://www.spearheadgames.ca/

You can also find Spearhead games on Facebook , Twitter and their public Discord server.