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Video Game Testing - GameZilla Alpha ep068

Why is everything new or re-worked in a video game so overpowered? This week we express our frustrations about new things in gaming being so unfair. We give a lot of examples of this theory. Even thinking like the developer, not the gamer, to find out the reasons for things like this to happen. All of this and Riot seems to be tracking how many times JazzE passes gas while playing League of Legends on GameZilla Alpha ep068.

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Sexism at Riot - GameZilla Alpha ep065

This week we came across an article about the problems with sexism at Riot games. As we followed the trail of bread crumbs to other articles about this very same issue we could no longer hold our opinions back. Sexism is a problem in the gaming industry and we tell you why on ep065 of GameZilla Alpha. 

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