Are You Going Pro?

By Jay (GrimlockTheDino)

At Blizzcon 2016, Overwatch League was announced by Blizzard. When I first saw the headlines I was excited, but when I actually got to read and watch all the information about what Blizzard is trying to pull off, I about lost my mind!

From the teaser trailer above to the more detailed video below, Blizzard announced this new league with tons of hype and details, including some heavy focus on the gamer; from guaranteed salary and benefits to the combine that will be held to help players find teams to play for. This announcement tells us that Blizzard is ready to take Esports to the next level and wants everyone to benefit from it.  

Players of Overwatch will need to play Competitive Mode and work their way up the ranks. Once reaching the top tiers of Competitive Mode, players will be invited to public events to compete and, if they do well, finally receive invitations to the combine to have a chance to be drafted by one of the official teams from the Overwatch League.



Here at Motor City Gaming, our best Overwatch player, Cable2kx, will be making his run to the pro league and we will document his journey to the combine. Stay tuned for more info about the Overwatch League and Cable2kx's pro progress.

Chime in below with your thoughts on the Overwatch League. What do you think? Will you be going pro?









Jason Parks