Why I Rage Quit Overwatch Part 2!

Ranked Season 2

By: Jaskot (JazzEFiddle)

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Are you Kidding me?

So I (JazzEFiddle) completed my ten preliminary matches and finished at five wins and five loses with the help of the Motor City Gaming team. This put me into the Gold tier of ranking with rank points of 2116. At this point we are frustrated at the pugs (players not in your chat or know on your team) that we were playing with the last few prelim matches so we are going to switch to quick play to help some other members and fans of MCG to hit level 25 so they can join us in ranked. Cable of MCG convinced us to play one more ranked game since all of our team was ranked we would be matched with only other ranked players and not anyone doing there prelim matches. His convincing speech was players would care more in this game since their rank would be effected by the outcome win or lose. We believed him and queue up for the match. We get put into a best of 5 capture the point match and we take the first two capture points. Things are looking good as we only need one more capture to win our match...... That is when shit goes down.  Two of our pug teammates leave the match..... so we get 2 new teammates to finish our last capture point? NO! Are you kidding me! we have to go into the 3rd round six vs four. We make a decision to play it out as maybe Blizzard will recognize that we had teammates leave the game and our ranks would not punished for it. We come to this decision because there is a giant red warning in the middle of all our screens telling us we have had team members leave the match and if we leave then we will get punished. So not only are we down two members and have to play out the match we have to do it with restricted vision of our screens. So we finish up, frustrated beyond all belief at this point because we do drop the three capture points and end up losing the match but wait that is not it......... I drop from 2116 ranked points to 2076... 40 points! We got punished for doing the right thing...... the thing you told us would happen if we left the game. Not to mention it was a reduction of 40 points! We lost fewer points in previous matches that we had all players finish the match. So not only did we get punished........not only did we stay in game which is what the warning told us to do..... not only did we loss a match that we were clearly slated to win..... but you punish us for doing what you TOLD US TO DO! and you punish us harder then if we didn't do what you told us to do..... needless to say....... RAGE QUIT! Blizzard fix your shit!

John Jaskot