What JazzE wants from PAX South

By: John Jaskot (JazzEFiddle)

Three things I am looking forward to at PAX South 2017 (in no particular order)

1. Nintendo Switch-

   If you have been listening to anything that I have been saying about the Nintendo Switch in the past few weeks you might think to yourself..... why the hell are you excited for the Switch. You have been doing nothing but hating and questioning the future of Nintendo with this announcement. So lets put all of your speculations to rest, this is Nintendo's LAST chance to change my mind on this system. Also..... to be fair.... Its not that I am against the switch its that I am not 100% sold it is a console for me as a avid gamer. It is always a big difference to actually have an item in your hands vs having it explained to you in any fashion. So lets hope that actually having the Switch in my hands can change my current thoughts on Nintendo.

2. Indie-

As a gamer.... and I do not use that term loosely..... I am a GAMER. Love or hate my system I own them. Love or hate a game I am always will to give it a try. Love or hate the community I still wake up everyday with excitement for this wonderful thing we call gaming. The one thing that always shows faith that gaming is not going anywhere anytime soon is Indie! These are the people that live, breath, eat, sleep, sweat and bleed gaming. If PAX gives nothing else please give me more Indie. Not only do you get to see games that you would never see anywhere else but the people/creators that you meet are like visiting your great grandpa in the old folks home. No not in the old... on their way out the door... not much left going on for them way but in the war story... experience... oh the places you've been kinda way. To be able to sit and listen to the stories of each person and how they came into the gaming world, the hardships they go through to make what I can only described as pure art is amazing. For anyone that has not taken the time to sit down and talk to an Indie developer for just ten minutes you fine sir or madam are truly missing out.

3. Cosplay, Cosplay and Cosplay of course-

I do not think I really need to go in depth here. Being able to see some of your favorite video game characters brought to life has always been of interest to me to the point that I have actually dabbled in the realm of cosplay myself. Maybe it has to do with the creator inside of me or maybe a bit of the property manager that has to know how things work but all in all its just cool! PAX South did not let me down with the amount of really well done cosplay last year and I look forward to it being even better this year. If only for the fact that their is already an Overwatch (Game of the year 2016 #shoutoutBMC) cosplay photo session in the works for this event. So I will keep my eyes sharp like a hawk and make sure to take as many photos of the great cosplay i see to bring back and share with all of the great MCG fans. P.S. I Love Cosplay! 

John Jaskot