Hearthstone : Diablo Tavern Brawl

By: Jaskot (JazzEFiddle) 


The Dark Wanderer

 " A hooded stranger sits to play holding a grim deck in his hands. Can you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer? " - Blizzzard 

   The 20th anniversary Diablo themed tavern brawl hits Hearthstone. This tavern brawl allows you to create your own deck to fight against this devilish NCP. So select your favorite class and build the strongest deck you can to try and take down this ... not so admerable foe.  

    When the match starts the " Dark Wanderer," who uses a Warlock class deck, summons a random trap at no cost. This game does not have any random effects that take place at any time. The Dark Wanderer has a Hero power that, with a cost of 2 mana, summons a random demon. The game plays out the same as any other game mode. Reduce the opponents health from 30 to 0 and win the match. 

  Only other catch is that after a few rounds when you kill one of the opponets minions a random 0/4 minion will take its place. When either player kills one of these two minion types the player who deals the final blow recieves the card perk. These two card types and perks are as follows- 

0/4 Weapons Cashe: The player that defeats this minion will have a random weapon placed onto your hero. 

0/4 Treasure Chest: The player that defeats this minion will have 2 of the card " the coin" added to their hand.  

In a typical tavern brawl you will recieve a card pack for your first win and just the glory of winning each match after that. In The Dark Wanderer you recieve no card pack but a Diablo special card back.  

Thats that! Simple right? So get to building your strongest deck and brawl on! 

John Jaskot