The PTGer

by x5mileRickx

Man, ever stared at the clock at work wishing you were gaming with your friends or been stuck at a family event and missed a huge Overwatch binge with the guys? How about hangin' with your girlfriend and miss one of the most epic rants ever heard on game chat (Insignia sucks)? Well that's my life. The life of a gangster, an over worker, and an addicted gamer. The name's Rick, or in the gaming world x5mileRickx, and around my friends here at MCG, "Gangster Ass MFin' Rick". That being said, this is the saga of a part time gamer.

Now, I believe that being a PTGer (part-time gamer) is a important part of the gaming community. We are the guys that fall in love with games and keep them alive. I know this is true because my favorite game is Destiny (you know, the Destiny with more plot holes and story line gaps than most porn movies lol). I can pick it up and do some strikes or crucible any day, any time. No matter how little time you have to game, you will always have your favorite game to fall back on. 

When I was young I played a lot of video games. I was huge into Madden football and Tiger Woods golf. My friends and I would have basement tournaments; you know the ones back in the day where you set up like 4 huge tube TVs and everyone brought their PlayStation 2's. Some of the best times growing up for sure. Now I’m an adult and have a job, blah blah blah doom and gloom, right? Yeah pretty much (haha).

One of the things that always bugs me is the, "Hey man, Horizon Zero Dawn is coming out. It’s going to be amazing." I'm not very pumped because open world games like Horizon are usually big wastes of money to me because: A. I know I won’t have time to finish it, B. Everyone will finish it before me, or then there is C. It could just suck (sorry JazzE). Here is a personal example, "Hey JazzE we getting The Division?" "Duh man," he replied (and as I'm sure most people know that game sucked). So there I was $60 in the hole with a crappy game that I put about 2 hours into. I try to not make those mistakes but sometimes hype can get the best of me. RESIST HORIZON ZERO DAWN. MUST RESIST. 

I sometimes wonder, when I turn on my PS4 and see the 4 or maybe 5 games I have bought or downloaded and haven't even started, that there is no way I'm the only one. There has to be a bunch of other gamers out there like me. Gamers that can't remember the last time they started and finished a game before starting another one, or for that matter coming back to a game to finish it in general. That's why when Grim and JazzE asked me if I’d like to write a blog I thought about it for a while (well more like five minutes). Then I replied in the famous words of Ice Cube, "Yo Jay! I got something to say". For the guys that get home from a long day of work and just want to kill some aliens. Or after the kids are done with homework and go to bed then it’s time to ball out on NBA 2k17. This blog will be all about the struggle we know all too well.

For the record, I probably won’t resist Horizon Zero Dawn. The game will get a couple hours on a weekend and then Destiny will go back in the PS4. Titans rule and warlocks drool. No warlocks suck... sorry got side tracked.  Being a PTGer, bottom line, is a curse and as I’ve written this blog i just realized I have used a perfectly good gaming night. Let’s see who's online.......



Rick Patino