PTGer vol. 3

by x5mileRickx

Here we go, PTGers! This could be a touchy subject, but I think it’s one we need to talk about. We all have friends, right? Great people that we love and game with. Well this is a tale of when a part time gamer has a crazy unheard of amount of time to game and doesn’t play the game he wants to play.

I have now had the, by all accounts, amazing game Horizon Zero Dawn in my possession for about 3 weeks. I borrowed it from my friend JazzEFiddle. I’ve played this beautiful game a total of about one and a half hours and this is very disappointing, as I loved the beginning of the game and as with many others, it hooked me into the story immediately. I felt like I needed to know everything about Aloy and the mystery of the machines and her mother. Why are the elders such haters? What is Aloy's father hiding? Some of you may already know the answers. I know some of my friends do (I’m looking at you, BMC), but I gotta know for myself.

1st weekend

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently had a lot of extra time on my hands. This came from back-to-back weekends off work, the latter being planned for Detroit’s holiday of Opening Day. I figured going into these weekends, I’d have plenty of time (maybe about 20 hours) I could dump into HZD. The first weekend came as a surprise (a welcome one at that). Now I should admit, I may have set up a Destiny raid with the guys for Friday night... a raid that went terribly wrong pretty fast. Friday night gone. The next day was spent cleaning my house and trying to help a couple of the guys (I see you, Ectocooler) level up their characters on Destiny. Sunday, well, Sunday was Nerd Lunch 3.0 and WRESTLEMANIA. Don’t get me wrong though, Destiny is my favorite game and I loved that my friends were back in.

2nd weekend

A work week flies by and it's Friday again. This is a special day of the year for me and for the whole city of Detroit. It's Opening Day of Tigers baseball. I’ll just say this, if you aren’t from Detroit or have never been to Opening Day, I highly recommend it. Later that night, the great Chops, in his unrelenting search for his all-time favorite gun in Destiny, which was available in the Vault of Glass, convinced the team to try the raid. Again, for some reason (I can’t really put my finger on it), the raid went horrible wrong. Sorry Chops. Saturday, I unfortunately had to attend a funeral for most of the day. Later that evening I made a purchase (it’s what I’m using to write this post). My brand new MSI stealth gaming laptop! Man, I am in love with this thing! Also, it turns out League of Legends is almost as fun as JazzE made it sound. League took up most of my Sunday between learning how to play and watching my team, Flyquest, pull the reverse sweep #FLYwin.

So, at the end of my time off I had ZERO time in on HZD. It is funny, I started writing this blog wanting to blame my friends for distracting me or making me play a game I didn’t want to play. By the end, I’ve realized I had a lot of fun. I played a ton of Destiny (my favorite game) with my friends. I learned, or well tried to learn, a new game in League of Legends that has me very interested. I can’t really wait to play some LoL with Grim and JazzE and find my position. Maybe I’ll fall in love with a champion or two. Wait, wait, wait... I could be playing HZD right now, I gotta go!

Rick Patino