NA LCS Summer Week Six Recap


The Comeback Kids

A review of week Six of the NA LCS summer split 

By: John Jaskot


Game of the Week

   Cloud 9 had a giant task placed on top of their shoulders for the past 2 weeks now. Win games or don't go to worlds. C9 has had the worst start to a split that I can remember since they joined the LCS back in 2013. After just the 4th week in the NA LCS Summer Split, they had a record that forced them to have to win the rest of the split in order to even have a shot at making the worlds tournament. Since that very moment they have done just that. 

   This week, the game of the week goes to Cloud 9 vs. Echo Fox. At twenty minutes into the game, the outcome was looking very grim for the must win team.  The question was, are they finally fighting the team that will prove they are not worthy of a chance at worlds? With Echo Fox being ahead in kills 10-2, ahead in towers 3-1, ahead in gold by 4k and having 2 inferno drakes to buff them, Cloud 9 would need a miracle team fight to pull off this win. That is exactly what happened at 29:30 minutes into the game when C9's mid-laner, Jensen, hit a huge Orianna ultimate and the rest of the team was able to clean up 3 kills. This allowed Cloud 9 to go directly over to Baron for an easy capture and start the push that would end the game and ultimately solidify their win.


Most Valuable Player of the Week



The MVP pick of the week is Sneaky of Cloud 9. Sneaky started off the split playing for the C9 academy. The head coach of Could 9 said that their star players were not taking training and the game seriously, and if the team was to be successful he wanted players that fought for their starting spots. Sneaky made a very quick change in his attitude towards the game and although it took 4 weeks to earn his starting spot back, he finally did. 

  • Game 1: Defeated Team Solo Mid. Played Quinn. Score line: 3/1/5 with a CS score of 354
  • Game 2: Defeated Echo Fox. Played Quinn. Score line: 3/2/7 with a CS score of 336

Looking at the score lines to Sneaky's games this past weekend, it may not have seemed like he had break out performances that would have earned him player of the week. However, it was the few key plays that he was able to perform that helped turn bad looking games around for his team, which ultimately earned him this title.  All of this, on a champion that has not been seen in pro play in the NA LCS this split, Quinn. 

Above everything that Sneaky has done as an individual player for Cloud 9, it is the fact that C9 plays better with Sneaky than without him. It was not until Sneaky's return from the academy that C9 started to make their winning run into what they hope is a summer playoff spot. The team's communication is more like what we have seen in the past from winning Cloud 9 rosters, now that Sneaky is back. If all of this is not enough for you to realize the importance that Sneaky brings to Cloud 9 .....Then at least maybe you will agree he is still the best Cosplayer in the League!




Schedule This Weekend  ( Aug 4th - Aug 5th )

Saturday                                            Sunday

This Weekends Game to Watch

Both of these teams are going into this week tied for first place. What better match to watch then the one that will give one of these teams the ability to sit alone at the top of the standings..... at least for a day :)