NA LCS Summer Week Eight Recap



A review of week Eight of the NA LCS summer split 

By: John Jaskot


Game of the Week


    The most exciting games to watch in League of Legends are the ones that switch advantage back and forth. These are the types games that keep me at the edge of my seat. I find myself physically cheering and clapping my hands at my television when my favorite team takes a lead. Then yelling and slouching back in my seat when they lose it. This was the first game this split that gave me this feeling. TSM took the Baron buff and stormed down mid lane only to get stopped. Then 100 Thieves pushed all the way back into TSM's base just to have the momentum shift again. There were so many shifts in advantage that I was ready to just flip a coin to determine the victor. As many of you know, I have been a TSM fan since day one and I was able to take a deep sigh of relif when TSM finally pulled this one off. They are currently sitting in a position that forces them to have to win their games in order for them to make the playoffs. If there is only one game you go back to watch this split, I strongly recommend this one. 


Most Valuable Player of the Week

   Typically there is only one most valuable player of the week. This week however, two players deserve this title, Svenskeren and Goldenglue of Cloud 9. Both of these players had a major impact on the success of a very important game for C9. The management staff have been working hard with both of these players who currently are playing on the academy team. The decision to bring these two up from the academy to play against Team Liquid was nothing short of genious.




  • Game 1: Did Not Play
  • Game 2: Defeated Team Liquid. Played Lee Sin. Score line: 4/0/4 with a CS score of 190



   If you watched the Worlds Tournament back in 2017 then, you know about Sven's Lee Sin. It was his master display of this champion against the best players in the world that solidified him as one of the best Lee Sin players. In this week's game the best way to describe Sven's Lee Sin game play was like watching Worlds all over again. He has not played this champion on a pro level since that tournament and this game made it look like he never stopped playing him. His ability to navigate the jungle on this champ basically solidified the win for C9 at only 9 minutes into the game. 




  • Game 1: Did Not Play
  • Game 2: Defeated Team Liquid. Played Syndra. Score line: 4/0/5 with a CS score of 383

   Goldenglue has always been a giant killer. Over the years he has never been considered as one of the best mid-laners in the league, however this has never stopped him from gaining his own fame. He seems to thrive in an environment where all the odds are stacked against him, and a majority of the time he comes out on top. This game was no exception. Team Liquid relies heavily on making sure they get their mid-laner ahead. Goldenglue's play on Syndra completely shut down their typical game plan. He was able to keep an advantage in his lane the whole game, even with Liquid throwing everything they had at it. A majority of the time they sent multiple people into his lane to try and take control. With his ability to overcome to these challenges along with his partnership with Sven, these two players won the game for C9.  



Schedule This Weekend  ( Aug 18th - Aug 19th )

Saturday                                            Sunday

This Weekends Game to Watch

Both of these teams are currently tied for 6th place. With only 6 teams making it into the summer split playoffs this game could decide which one of them will have a spot.