League of Legends : Odyssey first impressions

By: John Jaskot



Odyssey is the new PVE ( Player Vs Environment ) game mode in League of Legends. This is not the first time that riot has created a game mode like this for its rotation. However this is the first time they have put this much development into a PVE rotating game mode.

The goal of this game is to push your team of 5 champions threw 4 different wave stages and defeat the evil Kayn type character. The waves of minions progressively get stronger and more chaotic. With different types of enemies being added the further you progress. You are only able to pick between 5 different playable champions in this mode. Jinx, Malphite, Sona, Yasuo, and Ziggs. The team makeup however does not have to be one of each champion, you can double up. While playing threw the game you have the ability to sometimes pick up augment stones that can be added to these champions before the game starts. These stones allow the powers the champions wield to be altered to do different things from there original state.

I have played threw about 5 games of this new rotating mode at this point and I find myself very undecided on it. I like the augment stones creating new ways for me to use the powers of the champions. The game can seem quite repetitive as well. I am only at the second level of 5 difficulties so I am curious to see how challenging this game game can actually be. I think playing this game with friends would greatly increase the amount of fun you could have and will make sure to gather the community up to test this theory. So overall first thoughts I think this game is fun and definitely worth playing to try it out. I don’t know if the grind of difficulty levels and gathering of augment stone will be able to keep me playing through the repetitiveness. Only time will tell. I will say that the trailer they created for this new mode is super good, give it a watch below.

Did you have a different first impression of this game mode? Lets discuss in the comments below.