Xander’s E3 2018 Hopes


It's that time of year again, the time of year where we all get our hopes up only to have most of them dashed by the companies we love so much. Let's try to keep hopes up though, right? There's no point in expecting E3 to treat us like an Overwatch Lootbox (where we expect nothing and are still disappointed), let's instead stay hopeful and talk about what we hope to see at E3.

First and foremost for me, I'm looking forward to any information about Smash Bros for Switch. If you've been a part of our discord for the last few Nintendo Directs, you know the one thing I'm the saltiest about is Nintendo porting the entire Wii U library to Switch. I know the internet has dissected the one teaser we've gotten to death, but I'm still skeptical. I really don't want this to be a Smash 4 port with a few new things. I've already bought that game and all of it's DLC twice. I don't want to pay for it a third time just to have it on Switch.  I will do it, but I won't be happy about it.

Regarding the roster for the new Smash, I hope we retain most of the characters present in Smash 4, especially some the guest characters (Mega Man and Ryu in particular). I'd be okay if most of the Fire Emblem characters went away. In my opinion, there were way too many of them in the last game. Especially when 2 of the DLC characters were Fire Emblem. On that note, I'd be okay with most of the clones getting the boot unless they offer something distinctly different than the character their based on. i.e. Ganondorf/ Captain Falcon. As much as it pains me to say it, I'd be willing to give up Lucas in favor of a character who played differently. 

As for characters I hope to see join the roster, it's hard to not immediately think of more guest characters. I'd love to see Snake come back. I'd also love to see Simon Belmont, Shovel Knight, and Mick or Mac from M.C Kids (haha). 

I would love to see an Animal Crossing game announced for Switch. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp didn't grab me nearly as much as it did others. I still occasionally load up New Leaf to mess around there, but as I'm sure most of us feel, I'd rather just have my Switch on me than my 3DS and Switch.

Outside of Nintendo I'm really looking forward to the possibility of a new Gears of War game. 4 was a lot better than I expected. I just hope they make it a little more like 3 with the option of 4 player co-op. Or if they do decide to keep the story between JD, Del, and Kait, it would be nice if they made 4 player co-op possible by adding in a random nameless soldier.

As I do with every E3, I'm also excited for people to get some hands on time with the new fighting games coming up like Soul Calibur and potentially Mortal Kombat 11. And while we're on the topic of fighting games, a new trailer from Capcom about the next DLC character for Street Fighter V would be nice. I really want to know what G is all about.

That about wraps up my hopes, what are you excited for? Join the conversation in Discord!

Matt Alexander