Metroid Prime 4 at E3

by Jay Parks (GrimlockTheDino)


If you have watched or listened to one of our podcasts, you know my favorite game series of all time is Metroid. You also should know that Nintendo has done a great job at trying to murder this IP and hide its remains. This week we have a new hope that Samus will have a new adventures for us to enjoy on the Nintendo Switch! Now let's begin.

All of this news is rumor-based and nothing has been officially confirmed by Nintendo or any developers. Earlier this week, we witnessed several social media posts that have started the hype train for Metroid Prime 4! First up, we have Alexander Brandon's post about his current projects. Below you will see Alexander mention that he is working with Retro Studios (Metroid Prime developer) but cannot say anything further. Alexander is a huge Metroid fan, so these two together scream a possible Metroid Prime 4 in the works. I know what you are thinking, this is a stretch, he could be working on anything with Retro Studios. True, but it's what Retro Studios did before hiring Alexander that stirs the Metroid hype pot even more.

Below you will find a couple tweets from @PeerIGN  and @SwedishOTAKU. The responses from @RetroStudios are images of PRIME rib and Scrabble pieces spelling the word Patience (all the of pieces' point values are PRIME numbers).

We know that Retro Studios has been working on a very secretive project, one they began working on even before Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze for the Wii U. It was originally supposed to be a Wii U title, but Kensuke Tanabe, Metroid Prime’s director, has said the next Metroid Prime would likely be on the Switch and that it would take roughly three years to make a new Metroid Prime. Retro Studios has now been working on their secret project for more than three years.

E3 is 30 days away, will Nintendo and Retro Studios answer the call and deliver a game that is long overdue? Will we see Metroid Prime 4? Will Samus take the stage and launch the next chapter of the Metroid franchise? I do not know about you, but if we get a Metroid announcement next month I will be one happy bounty hunter and declaring my Nintendo Switch my favorite Nintendo system since the GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

If you want more Metroid news, tune in to episode 156 of the GameZilla podcast and hear more news about a 2nd possible Metroid game coming out for the Switch, as well as my top 11 Metroid games of all time.


Jason Parks