More Villains for Smash


With the announcement of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch, it's opened up debate for which new characters we might receive, and as Gamezilla Media's resident super villain, I think you all know what I'm crossing my fingers for: even more villains for Smash. With only a handful of playable antagonists in the previous games, I think Nintendo and HAL can step up their dastardly game.

The first villain I'd love to see is what that I can kind of understand not being in the game, and that's Ridley. From the Metroid series of games, the space pirate Ridley is Samus Aran's arch enemy, and is the fiend who murdered her parents when she was a child. Not only is their backstory a pretty heavy one, but Ridley is also enormous, and so it would be a bit tough for him to be playable, but how great would it be to have the space pirate join Kirby and Jigglypuff in the roster of characters who are floaty? Give the creepy pterodactyl-alien a fire breath attack and some claw strikes, and boom; he's ready to tear it up.

I think one of the most memorable final boss battles for me when I was a child was King K. Rool. The lord of the Kremlings that besieged Kong Island, this reptilian overlord also made off with Donkey Kong's hoard of bananas. I'm not entirely sure why the overweight crocodile man wanted all those bananas, but regardless, I think he'd be another great bruiser character, what with his large frame, and charge attacks. He could even throw his crown, or use some of the tricks he pulled in later Donkey Kong Country games.

Just about one of the most obscure villains around, it would be wonderful to see Wart, the tyrant who subdued Subcon from Super Mario Brothers 2. This huge toad spits bubbles out and utterly despises vegetables. Okay, so he doesn't have a ton going for him, but Nintendo owns him, I love him, and that's all there is to it.

My hope is that as we get closer to the release of Super Smash Bros for the Switch, that much like with previous releases, Sakurai and HAL generates hype by unveiling characters to us, and even though my list is a bit unlikely, the one that I can absolutely see them adding in is everyone's favorite creeper: Waluigi. Hopefully he can get himself off the sex offender's list before the game releases, so that he can be in the game.

Craig Karfis