Noobs and Dragons - Preview of Season Two


With the release of episode 89 of Noobs and Dragons, season one has now come to a close, ending the adventures of Alastair, Jandar and Tilly. What began as an adventure to deliver a strange dream journal to a mage in the city of Narquelion became so much more than the listeners or the noobs could ever imagine. Over the course of such a long season, there's no doubt that just as Chops, Jazze, and Grimlock fell in love with their characters, so too did the listeners become charmed by their antics. It's with a heavy heart that I announce that the three players from season one will be sitting out of season two. You can still listen to Grimlock on the GameZilla podcast, Chops is on the Legend of Retro podcast, and congratulations to Jazze who recently became a father, and so he'll be stepping away to focus on that.

While it might be a letdown that the players you've gotten so accustomed to aren't continuing on for the second season, the cast we've assembled is certainly an exciting batch who might just be familiar to fans of the GameZilla Media network. From the Last Action Podcast we have both LPJ and Sphinx, who cover action movies on their podcast. Joining the two of them is Matrik from the Twitch channel MatrikOnStage, who plays a variety of games with a focus on RPGs.

Much like the previous trio, this group has little experience with Dungeons and Dragons, and so you'll get to listen in as they grow as player characters, going from regular noobs to professional noobs. While nobody will need to have listened to the first season of Noobs and Dragons to understand what's happening in season two, there will certainly be references and easter eggs to the events of the previous adventure. To get the full experience, listening to season one is recommended, and joining our Patreon also gets you an exclusive behind the scenes show, to give you more insight into the show, and grant you more time with LPJ, Sphinx, and Matrik.

Season two of Noobs and Dragons will begin on 8/21/19, and will tell the story of a group of adventurers who are hired to investigate strange disappearances in the city of Rayburn Falls. Hired by a prominent politician, it seems like the group has a powerful ally on their side, but will that be enough for them to deal with a potential serial killer? Or is it something far worse? Make sure to listen to Noobs and Dragons when the second season begins!

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