Noobs and Dragons - The Dream Journal

While the Noobs adventure in Gila Swamp, I wanted to take some time to highlight the Dream Journal that the group has been carrying since the first episode. Written during restless nights by Enja Everwinter, the diary is a window into her shattered psyche. Beware spoilers, as some of these excerpts are from the most recent episodes, (the 37th episode has just released.)


Page 1: “I see a city in a green mist. ...Deep and dark... ...No mortal was meant to.”

Page 2: “...thirsty... ...teeth grinding up.”

Page 3: “The light of the stars, not the twinkle of radiance, but a billion hungry eyes, watching and waiting for their time.”

Page 4: “A wave of flesh splashes against the walls... ...tongues writhe in... ...the stars blink.”

Page 5: (A crude drawing of Jandar crying over his dead wife and child.)

Page 6: (A crude drawing of Alastair lying unconscious in front of Glearis in a burning building.)

Page 7: (A crude drawing of Tilly all alone, and crying in a house.)

Page 8: “No matter how hard you hit me, you'll never be my mommy.”

Page 9: The doorway to the land of brain eaters... ...but one of the many teeth within my jaw.”

Page 10: “What happens to the stars, when they melt and ooze out of the night sky? Do they paint oblivion with the color that captivates us? Nay, we become but a forgotten streak upon the easel of the cosmos.”

Page 11: “Sometimes when I wake up from the nightmares, I sneak into their room and watch them sleep... ...How easily I could end their lives.”

Page 12: “The dead shriek and cry at his passing... ...The war, long over, rages within his heart... ...The swirling miasma of his hatred... ...Death.”

Page 13: “ylliT radnaJ dna riastalA era gniog ot eid dna mood siht esrevinu.”

Page 14: “Her smile, which warms my heart... ...Broken... ...A pile of shattered teeth in the palm of my hand.”


After reading so much of the dream journal, it makes you wonder what Enja Everwinter saw deep under the earth to haunt her nightmares so much? You can check out Noobs and Dragons every Wednesday on GameZilla Media, which features Craig_WK as the dungeon master, driving his players, (and listeners,) mad.