Noobs and Dragons - The Production of Season Two

As Noobs and Dragons nears the conclusion to it's first season, I've been making plans for what to do in the upcoming season. While cast decisions haven't been finalized yet, there will at the very least be a new group of characters to go on an adventure in a different land. While the focus of the first season was on the Cult of the Dark Star, and their desires to bring about catastrophe in the world of Geisel with the power of the Lords of Madness, the next season will change focus. The Lords of Madness are ancient Aberrations, sometimes known as The Great Old Ones, who seek to annihilate the world for very eldritch reasons, and so the focus of the second season will be less on that cult of lunatics, and shift to something else.

I certainly don't want to give too much away, but many seeds have been planted in the first season. Alastair, Jandar and Tilly have encountered many different people along their journey, some of whom became their dear friends, and others who became bitter adversaries. From this menagerie of characters will the next season begin, as a group new of heroes band together and (hopefully) save the region from disaster. Without naming specific characters, there have been plenty of mysterious beings and shadowy organizations that have been brought up, so feel free to guess what will play a larger role in the upcoming season.


The second season is going to take place in a city that only members of the GameZilla Media Patreon will be familiar with, the city of Rayburn Falls. Back in the summer of 2018, we had a special event where some of our fans got a chance to play Dungeons & Dragons for the very first time, and got to participate in an adventure I created. That four part series, with each episode being about an hour, is available for our Patrons, so if you're intrigued, consider joining. The next season is going to use that very same city as the setting for the campaign.

As a Dungeon Master, I'm always thinking about how I can bring suspense and excitement to my D&D games, and with the first season of Noobs and Dragons, I've borrowed heavily from stories that deal with cosmic horror, which elicits a dread of the unknown. My goal was to make the players, and audience as well, think that perhaps such alien things should remain unknowable and out of reach, to spare their sanity. Horror can be difficult to pull off in Dungeons and Dragons, as heroes are typically proud and brave to the point of being foolish, but with the next season of Noobs and Dragons, I'm hoping to work off a different thrill.

With the first season of Noobs and Dragons winding down, I can't help but feel incredibly appreciative of all our listeners, as the show wouldn't be possible without our fans showing interest, and our Patrons supporting us as well. I hope you enjoy the inevitable conclusion of the first season of Noobs and Dragons, as well as the second season which will be coming after the first season finishes.