Silent Hero of the Show

By: John Jaskot

In the Beginning

At the start of this E3, if you would have asked me what game I thought was going to steal the show the answer would have been an easy one: 100% Anthem! Ever since the tease of Anthem at last E3, I have been super intrigued as to what this game can offer. Then, with the giant disappointment that Destiny 2 has been for me, the hype around Anthem has grown ten fold. Nothing will be able to bring me off this Anthem train.


The middle of the day hits... It's a Saturday, and the start of E3 2018. EA takes the stage, and my anticipation rises for what I am going to see about Anthem. As I make it through the entirety of the presentation, I have noticed that we have not gotten any Anthem info yet. Did they forget about it? Are we not getting anything about it this E3? What is EA doing? Then it hits...

OMG OMG OMG, this game looks amazing. Then we learn that they are dropping this game on February 22, 2019. Even better! The graphics look amazing and the gameplay looks even cooler. As I watch this trailer and gameplay again and again after the EA conference, I come to a strong realization. This game looks very much like the world design of Destiny 2, with the play style of Mass Effect. Nothing will be able to take away my hype for this game. Until.......

Division 2

Microsoft hits the stage, and we get a teaser trailer for The Division 2. I cannot believe how good this game looks. It was not until the Ubisoft presentation that this game blew my mind. I knew that this game was making strides to surpass the expectations of what the original Division gave us, but hot damn...

Not only are the graphics equally as good as Anthem, but the gameplay looks just as good as well. So what is the difference? The difference is the original The Division. Anthem is a completely new title and we really have no idea what this title can and will do for us; whereas on the Division side, I have played the original, and have had my downfalls with the game, but also have been back to the game where everything I originally had problems with has been fixed.

In the end I loved The Division, and The Division 2 looks like everything the first one was, with some pretty huge updates. These updates are the path that Destiny 2 should have taken with their game. First off is specialization: once you have reached your max character level, you will hit a point where you get to choose one of three paths to build your character around. Sharpshooter, which allows you to on ranged weapons like the sniper rifle; Demolitionist, which allows you to focus on heavy weapons like the grenade launcher; and Survivalist, which allows you to focus on field tactical weapons like the crossbow. These three specializations allow you to further customize your character, which will help with the next major update, raids! That's right, raids! You can have not 4, not 6, but 8 people on the same team. We still do not know how these raids will fully work yet, but they did mention that having a variety of different specialists on your team will help with the overall success of the raid itself.

The Decision

Going into this past weekend of E3 conferences, I was fully on team Anthem. Now that the storm has calmed, the dust has settled, and all the facts are on the table, I honestly think that I am now on team The Division 2. The main reason why is pretty simple....... The Division 2 is giving me everything that I wanted Destiny 2 to give me. Do you disagree? Let's discuss it in the comments below or on the GameZilla Media discord channel. 

John Jaskot