Space Pirate Ridley Steals E3 Victory for Nintendo

I think we can all agree that the most important news to come out of E3 this year was that the dreaded space pirate Ridley would be joining the Smash Brothers lineup for the newest game in the series, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate which releases December 7th, 2018.

Ridley is the arch enemy of Samus Aran from the Metroid series of games. In expanded lore, which includes a comic series, Ridley murdered Samus Aran's parents in front of her, as he and the space pirate band he's a part of destroyed her home. Ridley is the kind of man who knows how to get things done.

Ridley's 'regular B' special is similar to his attacks from the games, where he shoots out blasts of fire. You can even charge the move to do more damage, but similar to some games he's been in, if he's struck at this point, his attack backfires, and he takes big damage.

The space pirate's 'over B' technique grabs your foe, and drags them across the ground, flinging them at the end. The interesting thing about this technique is that you can jump while in the middle of your dash, allowing more control. This move mirrors an attack he's used on Samus previously, where he grabs her and flies at top speed, smashing her into the walls.

The pterodactyl monster's 'up B' move is one where he dives in a direction of your choosing for a decent amount of distance. This, coupled with his floating multiple jumps, means that even though space pirate Ridley is slow on the ground, he has good recovery.

Ridley's 'down B' special move is one where he stabs his tail forward. The interesting thing about this move, is that there's a sweet spot, where the fiend does a tremendous amount of damage, but other strikes with it's tail, not at the perfect length do minimal damage.

The addition of space pirate Ridley has made it so that one of Nintendo's most evil characters has been added into the game, and the inclusion of the character is certainly the most important thing to come out of E3's gaming expo. Make sure to check out the game play trailer for Ridley below.

Craig Karfis