LoR: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Ucharted: Drake’s Fortune has just made our criteria for retro gaming to discuss on this weeks episode. Chops, Craig W.K. , and the Glitch will dive into their memories of when they played the game, speed running of it as well as the retro relapse and Intro Music Bracket entries for the week.

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LoR: Nagano Winter Olympics '98

In this Olympic event episode, Chops, Craig W.K. and the Glitch are joined by Deadite from the GameZilla Podcast. Due to a lost bet the Legend of Retro team is subjected to Nagano Winter Olympics 98’ and a retro relapse chosen by Deadite. Listen to their pain and punishment as well as this weeks round of the Intro Music Bracket.

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LoR: Marvel Super Heroes

This week Chops and Craig_WK snap their fingers to bring you one of the greatest fighting games. They delve into the history of the game, including the art, the comics, and the glorious music! Can the Retro Relapse this week follow up on the hype of a Marvel comics fighting game? They also cover the Intro Music bracket for this episode, so make sure to check it out!

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LoR: Ice Climber

This week, Craig_WK and the Glitch put on their parkas as they travel to the Arctic…or maybe it’s New Hampshire…to chat about Ice Climbers for the NES. From there, the guys go to the streets for some B-Ball for the Retro Relapse. Then, listen as the Glitch makes some bold claims about video game music in this weeks Retro Video Gaming Opening Theme Music Bracket match-up. So grab your veggies, it’s time for The Legend of Retro!

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LoR: Bionic Commando

On this week’s Legend of Retro, Craig W.K. and Xander talk about one of Xander’s favorites, Bionic Commando for Game Boy! You may already know that the guys covered this game once before in the form of Legend of Retro Theater. Retro Relapse may not be easy to play, but it does rhyme!

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Tony Morelli
LoR: Legend of Mana

This week on the Legend of Retro, Craig W.K. and Xander take a look back at the first game for 2000’s Summer of Square, Legend of Mana! Retro Relapse looks at a sequel (maybe?) of a beloved 80’s movie.

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Matt Knopsnider