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LoR: Dragon Quest 7

On this episode of the Legend of Retro, Craig_WK is joined by theGlitch86, as they sail out on the high seas of adventure and spoilers! With Dragon Quest VII being one of their favorite games of all time, the two can’t help but gush about the game, as well as delve into one of their favorite endings to a video game! Make sure to join them for Retro Relapse, where they cover Tom and Jerry in Fists of Furry, and have some surprising opinions on the game!

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LoR: Devil May Cry

Chops and Criag W.K. seem to enjoy games around demons and devils because this week they talk about Devil May Cry. This game was in the forefront of hack'n'slash video games and contributed to the popularity of them. Your hosts will hit on this information and talk about their retro relapse Kid Klown, plus this weeks NES Music Bracket. 

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