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LoR: NFL Blitz

This week Craig & the Glitch are ON FIRE talking about NFL Blitz with their friend Deadite Knight from the GameZilla Podcast. We discuss our favorite teams, favorite plays, and reveal a dark part of Craigs passed that really helps explain the origin of his demented mind. Things get ‘Amazing’ as a ‘Penguin Boy’ guides us in the Retro Relapse. Then, it’s GameBoy verses Super Nintendo as we’ve reach the final four in our Opening Theme Music Bracket. Can the guys WIN THE GAME!? Find out, on the Legend of Retro!

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LoR: Harvest Moon 64

In this week’s episode of The Legend of Retro, Craig_WK and Xander relive their days as farmers while they talk about Harvest Moon 64. Who were they’re special lady friends, what did they name their animals? The answers to these questions and more await you as the legend continues! Also, Retro Relapse is all about another Legend. And Round 1 of the Opening Theme Bracket comes to a close.

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LoR: Nagano Winter Olympics '98

In this Olympic event episode, Chops, Craig W.K. and the Glitch are joined by Deadite from the GameZilla Podcast. Due to a lost bet the Legend of Retro team is subjected to Nagano Winter Olympics 98’ and a retro relapse chosen by Deadite. Listen to their pain and punishment as well as this weeks round of the Intro Music Bracket.

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