A Day in the Life of JazzE: The Post Office

By: John Jaskot

Day 1 January 3rd, 2018


So my story today starts at the local post office. I walked into the local branch with GameZilla Media business to tend to. As I survey the situation to see how long this trip may last I notice that I am the second person in line with a lady at the counter and another lady standing to the left of the counter. This should be quick and painless. As I wait patiently in line I start one of my favorite pastimes, people watching. I notice that the lady at the counter seems to be frustrated that they do not have the key for her post box. With the amount that I could eavesdrop on it seems that something is wrong with her address and she start rambling something about a voicemail and asking the post lady for the office phone number so she can check said voicemail for some reason. The post lady tells her that she does not have the authority to assist her further in the matter and that her manager would have to help her further. As the manager comes from the back the post lady informs her of the situations and asks for the next person in line.... moving on up, i am next. The manager makes her way over to the other lady to the left of the counter, apparently she was waiting for a manager first. As the post lady finishes up with the guy before me she calls me to the counter and asks how i am doing. As I go to answer the frustrated lady cuts me off and shows the post lady her phone telling her to try another address. The post lady kindly tells her that the manager will have to help her from this point on and she continues to assist me. To which i am interrupted again with a very blunt " well when will the manager be able to help me." The post lady informs this guest that the other lady was first in line and the manager will be over as soon as she is done with the other lady. At this point my packages are being prepped for post and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As my transaction is just about finished I am interrupted once again. " Just because you work at the post office doesn't give you the right to be rude. I am a customer too you know." At this point in am having a very hard time holding my tongue... the post lady behind the counter has been nothing but pleasant to this lady and very apologetic to me for the distraction. What gives this lady the right to treat another person in this way and even look down on any person for their choice in employment. I over come the urge to tell this lady off and in the loudest tone I possible can without making a scene tell the post lady thank you for everything and I am always pleased with the fast and kind service i receive when coming to this branch. As I am walking out to my car I am having an inner struggle, finding it harder and harder to hold my opinion in the older i get. I was raised to treat others the way you want to be treated.... In this circumstance the lady was treated exactly that way. Quick, abrupt and with a tone of frustration.... even thought she was treated kindly the whole time. I cannot help but be reminded of situations very similar to this while gaming online. So for everyone out there gaming online please remember..... Treat others the way you want to be treated and be kind to one another.