A Day in the Life of JazzE: Friendly Fire

By: John Jaskot ( JazzEFiddle )

Day 2 January 7th, 2018

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I would like to start off by saying I have been enjoying Epic's game Fortnite for the Battle Royal game mode. I actually prefer it over PUBG for the reasons of the smaller map and build features. It wasn't until recently that I found a feature that i really do not like. 

   Epic created the Battle Pass about a month ago. The battle pass allows you to complete daily challenges in order to earn tier tokens. With these tokens you unlock cool skins, emotes and boarders for your character. The challenges consist of getting kills with certain weapons, placing at a specific number in a game mode and playing certain game mode matches. The feature that I mentioned that I do not care for is the placing at a specific number in a duo or squad match. I realize that Epic is trying to get you to play each of their game mode types but as a solo player I had my first bad experience because of this. 

Place top 6 in Squads 5 times... This is the challenge I have to complete today for my tokens. I queue up a match and it randomly places me with 3 teammates to form a squad of 4 people. I place a marker on the map to let me teammates know where I plan on landing on the map and I parachute down onto the island. I land on top of a house and break down the roof to get to a chest that i'm hoping will have a good gun for me to start the game with. What happens next, blows my mind. As I was about to open the chest my teammate shoots me in the back and kills me so they can take the chest for themselves. I report the player for unsportsmanlike behavior and queue up another game chalking this one up as a fluke. Next game starts in similar fashion but this time I land gather a few weapons and start to fight. My team is in trouble so I make my way over to them. They are in a fire fight with another squad of 4. As I flank this other squad I take them by surprise and kill 3 out of the 4 and someone on my team kills off the 4th. Things are looking up until..... my teammate shoots me in the back and takes all my weapons! WHAT! This cannot be happening. Once again I report this player but this time I write a decent amount of comments to Epic explaining how I am feeling about my experience with this. Defeated by my teammates actions I take a break from playing Fortnite. 

   In conclusion all I can say is if please don't be one of those gamer that is only out for yourself and ruin another persons experiance becasue of it.