Destiny 2 Forsaken Reveal


Bungie held a live stream reveal of their fall expansion for Destiny 2 called "The Forsaken" today at 9AM Pacific. There they discussed the new form of game and all the changes to come ahead in the next year. Here's a breakdown of what they talked about for this fall:

The Forsaken expansion will release on September 4th this year and will feature:

  • Two New Destinations: The Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City
  • Brand New In Game Raid
  • Gambit, a 4v4 Competitive PVE Mode
  • All New Weapon Archetype, Legendary Bow
  • New Story Missions, Adventures, Destination Activities, and more.
  • Wield New Powers with Nine Additional Supers
  • Collect New Exotic Weapons, Armor, and Gear
  • Hunt Down the 8 Barons and their Crew

There are a few pieces that I would like to focus as there is a lot of information overall released with a lot more questions left unanswered. I'll be covering the new locations, competitive mode, weapon system, and the reveal of some new supers. This information is taken directly from and from their live release. We don't have all the pieces of the content but I will do my best to present the information.

In this new expansion guardians will be able to experience a lot of new content that will bring them to new locations, existing in the Reef which has not been explored since Destiny 1. The Tangled Shore presents a Western revenge vibe of the reef. The landscape is lashed together asteroids and rocks full of pirates, assassins and thieves in a lawless frontier. The new enemies called Scorn are relentless and will contently push at guardians. They are accompanied by the Barons. These are the top dogs, the worst of the worst and its a guardians job to hunt them in unique fights themed around each Baron.

The Dreaming City will host the new raid for the expansion and is home to the Awoken. It will be accessible in game and this is the first time raid has existed in this way. There will be many changes that will provide variety to each run with hidden locations, a lot of puzzles, and the most bosses in any raid to date.

The Gambit is an all new competitive PVE experience that puts two fire teams of 4 in a race against each other. Each team will have their own battlefield to kill waves of enemies and collect motes of light to store in their teams bank. When your bank is filled an enemy will spawn on the other Fire Teams side as a way to block them from progressing. Also their bank will become locked until they are able to beat the Blocker. Once your bank is filled up then you'll release a final Blocker to defeat and whichever team defeats their final Blocker first, wins the round. During the round you may also have 1 guardian on your team cross-over to the opponents side to wreak havoc upon them.

Bungie is bringing back aspects from Destiny 1 into this new expansion by including random rolls on gun stats again. There will still be masterwork features to guns that will allow progression of the power level with it. Along with the changes to the guns themselves, guardians will now be able to change their load out to better fit their style of play. You will be able to wield two hand cannons if you'd like or run with three shotguns. The specifics of which have not been released but it was stated that ammunition and balance of the guns will impact how a guardian's load out is.

A new path for supers will now exist for each guardian type with their subclass. New supers shown in the trailer include Fire Knives for the Hunter which is a different take on the Golden Gun class, Void Teleport for the Warlock, and a full size war-hammer for Titans which will create flame tornado's upon smashing the hammer to the ground. Not much else was released in detail but there were hints at a change to the Warlock Arc class involving a large Arc blast, an Arc Super Man smash for Titans, and a new Void super for the Hunter similar to their Arc Strider super in the current game.

Overall I'm rather excited for these large changes coming to a game that has been stale and full of reused content disguised as "new". With the introduction of new paths for each characters subclass, gun customization and load out, as well as a new competitive PVE mode I feel that I will be playing a lot of this game when it releases so that I can experiment with the builds of my guardian.

These changes are much needed for this game and have not been introduced in this scale before and I hope that this is a sign of how Bungie will be in the year to come with the release of their new content. For more opinions head over to our discord so we can chat about this and get your take on this reveal.