E3 Predictions and Hopes by Chops


E3 is quickly approaching and there have been a lot of leaks and teases as to what the major gaming companies are going to show. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and Bethesda all have expectations to bring some of the biggest gaming news this year, and the hype hasn't been this high in a long time. Here are some predictions and hopes that I have for this year's E3:

  • I want that Anthem. Give me that Anthem. This game is supposed to be the Destiny killer when it comes to hybrid shooter/RPG games, and I want to know more about it so that I can make sure I prepare myself (and wallet) for its release. I need more footage, details of the gameplay mechanics, and a preview into their DLC that will release after the game's launch...is this too much to expect? Probably. But after Destiny and their flip-flopping of their content between new and old, I want as much info upfront so that I can make a smart investment.


  • I hope to see the next big RPG from Sony or Nintendo to be released that isn't Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. We have been fed retro-style JRPG's for a bit now on those systems, but haven't had the new IP of an RPG genre to pull my time in. I've labored into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and loved it, but it's time to see something new. No more sequels or remakes, I want brand new content that makes me giggle over it.


  • Microsoft seems to be the most quiet of the big 3 and I expect them to come out with something to put them in the conversation. It's well known in our discord that I'm not a Microsoft guy, but we should still be hearing more from them. It's their job to make non-Microsoft fans pay attention to what they have to offer and so far I haven't had my attention pulled towards them.


  • My biggest hope of the show is to get more insight into what Mega Man 11 is. I'm excited for this game because it reminds me of traditional Mega Man but modernized. I like that Mega Man changes appearance with the different Robot Master abilities so I'd like to see a few more of them and see what other features the games holds besides the two new mechanics that have been released (see my blog on Mega Man 11 for more details).


Overall, for this E3, I'd like the gaming world to look healthy but fat over the amount of new and innovative content that is being released. VR was cool, but it's not mainstream so there should be less of that and more online improvements to games, unique perks for sticking to one console brand over the other, cross-play functionality between the many devices we play on, and, most importantly, new IPs. I can't say that enough. We don't need remakes of old games. I've given up on wanting to play my older games on current gen systems since most of them haven't aged well. I'll just go out and get the physical copy or emulate it if I really want to play it. I want to know that the companies that drive the industry are keeping their eyes forward by developing young talent and new ideas instead of rehashing old content just to make a buck.

What do you think about my hopes and predictions? I want to have the conversation here with you or on our discord!