Mega Man 11 Announcement

We have a release date for Mega Man 11: October 2nd, 2018. With this announcement, we also have a trailer that shows more gameplay, and introduces both a new Robot Master and a new game mechanic. Watch the trailer below for a better look:

I'm a die hard Mega Man fan, so my excitement for this game is currently at 11 after watching this trailer. I like that the platforming seems hectic and challenging, and that the enemies from the classic series are there but in new skins like the Sniper Joe and Tatepakkan. I'm glad that with the improvements made to the look of the game that they've kept classic enemies to fight.

One of the biggest changes from the previous trailers and information released is the new mechanic "Double Gear System," where you are able to slow down time or overcharge the Mega Buster, but at a cost (so says Dr. Light). What that cost is I'm not sure but I guess we will find out. I'm not the biggest fan of this mechanic as it takes away from the difficulty of the game in its purest sense (think back to when you'd spend hours upon hours trying to beat the same Robot Master or stage because you couldn't quite dodge attacks well enough or mash the shoot button). This mechanic seems to be used as a marketability piece, allowing those who want to play Mega Man but can't take the brutality of it to have an ace up their sleeve in a tough spot. The same goes for the remastered collection that came out for the first few Mega Man games, which includes a rewind feature while playing.

I think purists will be upset by this change while new generations will enjoy it, but if you're a fan of Mega Man then I think it will be something we will just have to get used to.

Also introduced is a new Robot Master, Fuse Man. His gimmick is electricity and speed which can be seen in the boss fight. I'm rather excited about the mechanics involved in the boss battles as I've watched people master patterns of running Mega Man games and essentially limiting boss fights to muscle memory. The changes in speed and attack along with physical changes seen in the Block Man fight have me excited for the challenge and enhancing my hand eye coordination.

Overall, I'd say that I'm glad to see that this isn't Mighty No. 9 and that it actually feels like a classic Mega Man game in the heart of it; however, the mechanic changes have me concerned that the game won't be as difficult as I'd hope it to be.  Difficulty is what defines a Mega Man game to me, as well as how much time I will invest in playing it. 

Does this trailer have you hyped or are you feeling a little disappointed for the move away from the traditional Mega Man we've had? Let us know in the comments.