PC Gaming at E3 2018

The PC Gaming show at E3 opened up with a game from Coffee Stain studio, called Satisfactory. An open world game that allows you to clear areas, make bases, and run factories.

Mavericks: Proving Ground is a first person shooter, 400 player battle royal game.

The Forgotten City is a PC game where you explore an ancient underground city, with a gateway to the past, where if even one person commits a sin, everyone in the town will die. As the player you must explore and investigate the mystery. Coming in 2019.

Star Control Origins is a sci fi game, that emphasizes space exploration. An action RPG that has ship to ship combat that's open world. The plot is funny, but has a slightly dark side to it. Modding will let you make adventures and ships of your own. The game is available for pre-order on Steam and GOG. It launches on 9/20/2018.

Hunt Showdown from Crytek is a first person shooter with a wild west flair and is now available on Steam.

Archangel: Hellfire is a mech based multiplayer game that has early access now. With three destructible maps, six mechs, and many weapons. July 17th is when the game releases next month.

The Sinking City is an open world investigative game filled with mystery and monsters. The game features a sanity meter, which alters game play.

Warframe the Sacrifice is coming this June in 2018

Sega is releasing Shining Resonance along with Shenmue, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Baynetta, Puyo Puyo X Tetris. They're also bringing Yakuza Kiwami and Zero.

Tripwire games is releasing a Killing Floor 2 expansion that involves a steam punk circus that's coming 6/12/2018. Tripwire is now publishing games too, including a motorcycle game called Road Redemption. Another one is a game where you play as a shark and devour as many people as you can called Man Eater. It's an open world action RPG, where you get shark skill trees, and you can get abilities to to jump out of the water and eat people.

Untitled Publisher is releasing three games. The first is an RPG fighting game called Bravery Network set to release in 2019. The second is a first person farming game, called Morning Star. The third game is a 2D run and gun game called Overwhelm which is available right now on Steam with a launch discount.

Jurassic World Evolution is a park simulation game that releases 6/12/2018. It's a game where you can attempt to make your own Jurassic Park. It comes out on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

An open world VR game Stormland, has you playing as a robot who once lived in a natural utopia, who now must fight to protect his world. The game features a world that changes every week,


About a Paris Cabbie, this indie game called Night Call is a mystery game. From the same publisher Raw Fury, comes Sable, an open world narrative game which has you exploring a vast desert with ancient ruins. The art style is inspired by Belgian comics and anime.


An open world game involving space travel and combat is Star Citizen, which has a new alpha build coming soon.

Genesis Alpha One is an exploratory game that lets you fight against aliens, customize your ship, and wander the galaxy coming 9/4/2018

The newest game in the Don't Starve series is coming out in December 2018. Called Don't Starve Hamlet.

Just Cause 4 is coming to PC boasting unrivaled draw distance, improved HDR lighting, interactive weather system, and physics based aerodynamic models and increased fidelity of destruction.

Overkill's The Walking Dead is a first person shooter that has you trying to band together with others to survive a zombie apocalypse which launches 11/6/2018. Telltale Game's is also releasing a Walking Dead game called the final season. It's a point and click adventure game with branching story paths and unscripted combat for the newest game. 8/14/18 is when this game is going to be released.

A rogue-like game where every pixel is simulated, the game has you using explosives and energy based weapons which shatter the pixels around you into dust. Called Noita, it's coming sometime in the future from Steam.

Two Point Hospital is a simulation game where you manage your very own hospital. Featuring imaginary ailments and cures. The game is very in-depth, but starts off smaller.

A new battle royal game with a fantasy flair, featuring traditional RPG job classes, Realm Royal is in it's alpha stage, and on top of the job classes, there are even more abilities you can specialize, and you can even forge equipment to improve your gear. It's currently free on steam right now.

A farm simulator monster collection game that's based upon Harvest Moon and Pokemon, you raise up little monsters in this indie game called Ooblets. It's coming to PC and Xbox One.

Anno 1800 is a real time strategy game that involves naval warfare, as well as city building. The creators have taken a lot of feedback from the fans of the game, and even has votes for what ships will end up in the game.

Tiny Build publisher has a new battle royal game based upon Cyanide and Happiness comics, Rapture Rejects is a top down comic styled game where you fight to the death with other people who didn't make it into heaven for the Rapture.

The stealth based espionage game series Hitman has a new game coming out on November 13th, 2018. Hitman 2 will feature more combat options and outfits, and will take place in Miami. Some new mechanics will be blending into crowds, and a new and improved sniper briefcase. The game will even feature some co-op features as well.