PTGer vol. 5: Destiny 2 The Great Light Hope

By x5mileRickx

It's time for the most anticipated, most requested, and most accurate Destiny 2 hype train (or lack there of). Bungie is at it again with the upcoming release of Destiny 2, the "sequel" of my favorite game, Destiny. When we first saw the leaked Gamestop poster and rumors started flying around about a new game, I was pretty hype (and by pretty hype I mean I may have ran around my block naked, waving at Mr. Grimlock himself as I jogged past his house). Since then, and as more news kept coming out, my hype level has gotten lower and lower. Why, you ask? Well this is why. 


So we have a leaked poster, which shows three guardians and simply says "Destiny 2". My mind went crazy! I had so many questions and theories about what "Destiny 2" could be... would it answer the plot holes of the first game? Will we find out who the stranger is that led us to Venus and into the Black Garden? Who was she fighting? What about the speaker? Or the Traveler that gave us our "light"...could we find out more about them? Maybe we find out what Eris Morn did with the sword fragment she took after we downed Oryx. These were just some of the questions I had (and all were possibilities at the time)... and then the game trailer dropped.

I watched the world premiere of the trailer and thought... hmm Cayde was funny (as always Cayde was funny, no change there). We find out who the enemy is, Ghaul and his red legion. Ok cool...

At this point I'm still pretty hype for the game, but i got to thinking... doesn't this sound like a taken king size expansion? Why is this a new game? REALLY!?! I'm going to lose ALL my gear and weapons? (I know my pal Chops was really upset about that last part) I, personally, would like to bring a few of the "god rolls" I've collected with me (shout out full auto dis 43 and dis 47 you will be missed).

Next, the game play trailer drops, along with my excitement. My earlier fears were confirmed. The game looked like an expansion! From the colors, to the way the guardian moved. Bungie had a big game reveal presentation (eh didn't change my mind). Next, was E3. The trailer was better, but I was still down on the game being new. I just kept seeing Destiny, my favorite game, not a lot of new. So I stopped talking about it for the most part. I played other games. Didn't talk about it besides the random video on Youtube or post in the discord chat. It really helped me get over the negativity that was killing my opinion of what this new game could be.

Dominus Ghaul himself

Dominus Ghaul himself

I wanted to write this blog probably 4 times over the last month, but I didn't because I felt it would be too negative. To be honest, I'm not sure why I was so down on the NEW game. As the beta gets closer (in about 10 days at the time of writing this) my excitement is coming back. I'm pumped to finally just play the game. We get the try the new sub-classes (Sentinel titan bayyyyyybe!!!!). Give me that Captain America shield! Gunslinger you get more shots? Even those darn weak ass Warlocks get to be sword welding fiery guardian angels! New weapons and places to go. A new raid to try and figure out with my friends. Listen, I've pre-ordered this game twice. I have the limited edition from Game Stop and the digital special edition on the ps4 (not to mention I'll more than likely being buying it for PC as well when it drops... do I have a problem???) Bottom line, the beta is going to be a good time and I think it's going to change some doubters minds. Stay tuned for a post beta update to this blog to see if I'm right or if I go back to hating my life because I think Destiny 2 is going to suck. 

Rick Patino