Splatoon 2 Splatfest

By; John Jaskot (JazzEFiddle)


Just got finished with Splatoon 2's Splatfest 4 hour test before the launch of the game next Friday. All I can keep saying is YES! I cannot wait for this game to release. First off let me say that giving us this 4 hour block of time to play the game was a way better decision than the 1 hour test blocks they did the first time. However, they still only allowed you to choose from 4 different gun types and you were not allowed to change any of your gear aside from your gun. You were also allowed to see the new lobby where you can run around and enter shops to purchase items, enter the game lobby, create/post pictures, and see the overall layout of our new Splatoon 2 home. I will try and keep this post short so let me tell you about the two things that took this game from an "I'm going to try it" to an " I am pre-ordering this game."

1. The game will be played on the Switch. I was not fully on board with the Switch when it first launched, but I have been playing more and more games and putting more and more time into this system. This Splatfest was actually the first time I docked the system and used my pro controller and let me tell you..... I love it. The ability to go mobile with this game is going to be huge. It also felt good playing it on the tablet, with both the joycon controller and the pro controller. 

2. I can play with my friends.... ON THE SAME TEAM! I cannot tell you enough how frustrating it was to queue up with my buddies and getting split onto different sides of the match during the original Splatoon

There are a few server issues that they still need to work out, but all in all, I would play this game as it stands right now. So for my final thoughts on Splatoon 2.... Get it! Play it! And I'll see you online!