Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a game that I'm incredibly excited for, a Japanese role playing game that features eight different characters to choose from, each with their own story that comes together to form an epic adventure. While it's a traditional RPG, there are many features that spice up the game play, to make this a very unique game.


The art is very striking, and it's creators have dubbed it HD 2D, as it uses 2D sprite based models, along with CG lighting effects. During dungeons, as you wander about in the dark, the light from your lantern illuminates the area around you, and seems to flicker a bit. The sprite work for characters is charming, and the monsters are intimidating and terrifying, really showing off a great art direction.

The music to Octopath Traveler is gorgeous, and absolutely worth checking out. Composed by Yasunori Nishiki, who also composed the BGM to the anime Granblue Fantasy. While that anime wasn't anything spectacular, it did have great music. The music to Octopath Traveler is great, but what really needs to be commended is the sweeping and epic battle music, which doesn't get stale, despite numerous battles.

The battle system for the game is traditional, but has many quirks, including options for each character to have their own feature. While the warrior of the group might be able to challenge non-player characters to one on one combat, the dancer of the group can recruit people through charm. These features can come into play in battle, by having people you've allured into helping you into helping you fight. To top it off, there's a boost point system, which involves defending to gain extra attacks, or to boost the power of the moves you use.

The game is coming out on the Nintendo Switch on July 13th, of 2018, and you can expect that we'll be keeping an eye on this game.