Pay To Win - GameZilla Podcast ep184

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Pay To Win!

Ever wonder what you can do if your video gaming is just not up to par? This week we tell you how how you can pay to win threw micro transactions and services where you do not even have to play the game.


This was the Global Challenge Launch Trailer that started the clock to the one week / 3 Billion pokemon caught poke-mania!


SPOILER ALERT!!!! This Video has early access footage of Mercury from the Curse of Osiris expansion. Watch and Listen at your own risk!

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UK Gambling Commission Determines Loot Boxes Aren't Gambling Under British Law


SPOILER ALERT!!!! This Video is an IGN review on CoD WWII. Watch and Listen at your own risk!

 Call of Duty: WW2 Datamine Reveals New Weapons and Modes