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Special GameZilla Roadshow | GZP 266

This week on the GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite are on the road traveling back from a bachelor party. They are joined by Ecto and Sci Fi AJ to discuss this weeks gaming news and a few fun stories from the weekend.

  1. EA CEO And Other Execs Gave Up Their Cash Bonuses

  2. Deadite has a special game to announce

  3. Square Enix explains why it changed Tifa’s breasts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

All this and more on episode 266 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Xbox E3 2019 | GZP 263

This week on the GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover the Xbox E3 2019 presentation. From the new Xbox and Xcloud to Halo Infinite, Gears 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 we cover everything Microsoft had to say today at E3. Find out why Grim almost started crying and why Deadite might have to become a Xbox owner, all this and more on episode 263 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Bungie splits from Activision - GameZilla Podcast 242

After some findings from data hackers, we discuss what would be the best way for Nintendo to give us all of their Retro content. The Epic game store has it first big title that will not also be included on Steam. Then we discuss the split between Bungie and Activision and what that means to the gaming community, all this and more on episode 242 of the GameZilla Podcast. 

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Mad Box Madness - GameZilla Podcast 241

This week we discuss the success of the mobile gaming industry in 2018, specifically within Nintendo. A household cleaning tool that can create video games that you can actually play. Then the debut of the next major gaming console is revealed. All of this and more on episode 241 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Kanye Teams up with Kojima? - GameZilla Podcast 238

This week a group of people have figured out a formula to determine the player base to every Playstation 4 game. We discuss the significance of this and what it could mean to developers. The NES and SNES classic are being discontinued for good this time. Then Epic Games has done it again and is allowing anyone to use their cross platform services all this and more on episode 238 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Now on the Epic Game Store - GameZilla Podcast 237

This week we have transformed into the SouljaCast and are 66% better! We discuss the new console and handheld systems that are being sold by Soulja Boy. We discuss the possible success of the Epic Game Store and what it could bring to the video game industry. Then we recall the big announcements of the Video Game Awards along with the result of the bet between Grimlock and Deadite.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaked - GameZilla Podcast 235

Blizzard is hopping on the hype train and creating a Warcraft Pokemon GO type game. Marvel comics and Riot games have teamed up to create comics on the rich lore of League of Legends. Our Patrons have voted into a tie so we just cover both topics this week. Then the Kong controversy is back in full swing as Billy Mitchell fights to get his records re-instated and Deadite fights to express his love for the famous arcade player. All of this and much more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 235.

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