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Two Versions of the PS5 At Launch? | GPZ 279

This week on GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover

  • PS5 rumors of standard and pro edition at launch.

  • 21 game companies join Playing for the Planet Alliance to combat climate change.

  • Discord is discontinuing its game service through Nitro.

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All this and Nintendo Switch Lite + Zelda Links Awakening first impressions on episode 279 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Apex Legends Season 2 Preview | GZM 267

This week on the GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover:

1. Apex Legends Season 2 Preview

2. Project Scarlet is the only Xbox coming out next year

3. PlayStation is looking at acquiring more developers for the PS5 launch

All this and why Deadite will stab Grim with scissors if he touches his phone on episode 264 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch | 245

Here is what the GameZilla crew covered this week.


1. PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

2. Nintendo Online Reveals Subscription Numbers

3. Respawn Announces and Launches Apex Legends

4. Microsoft Xbox Live on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch

Zilla Update Topics

Showing today’s kids what gaming was like when we were young.

Wargroove worth the wait!

Grim’s first train trip turns into a League of Legends study session and leads to improved gameplay.

All this and more on episode 245 of the GameZilla podcast.

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100 Million Dollar Bungie - GameZilla Podcast ep211

This week we talk about the Future of Sony and Microsoft's gaming consoles and why a potential next generation disc drive might be seen. We then discuss the disappointment with the days leading up to this years E3 and what we are worried about for the presentations. Then we shake our heads at some of the retention decisions made by Microsoft and the amount of money Bungie is getting to start a new project.

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