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Anthem First Impressions & Metroid Prime 4 Rebooted | 244

The guys fight through sickness and snowstorms to cover the following topics this week.

1. Metroid Prime 4 Rebooted with Retro Studios

2. PUBG is testing free-to-play model with PUBG Lite

3. (Patreon Topic) EA cancels the open world Star Wars game.

4. Anthem VIP Demo is over and Grimlock gives his first impressions on the game.

All this and more on episode 244 of the GameZilla podcast.

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CD Projekt Red Owes Us Money - GameZilla Podcast 228

The guys welcome Chops-o-man to the show and talk about Microsoft’s new cloud system “Project xCloud”, the Witcher’s creator wants more money, PlayStation Network might finally let you change your name and Nintendo might update the Switch in 2019. Find out about all topics these and more on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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The Calm Before the Storm of E3 - GameZilla Podcast ep210

This week we discuss how far behind Bungie is with updates for Destiny 2.  We make a bold prediction the Apple likes money and is keeping things off the Apple store that do not help towards that cause. There is talks about Nintendo 64 getting a mini version. Is this a good idea and what games would we like to see on it? All the while Bethesda is teasing us with a live stream while we record. Will the news come out before the show ends and what do we think it could be? 

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