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Sony and Microsoft the Deadly Alliance | GZP 260

This week on the GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover:

1. Sony and Microsoft become friends.

2. Detective Pikachu review and how other game based movies can learn from this film.

3. Overwatch’s future will be created by its fans.

Plus the Patreon news topic of the week.

All this and more on episode 260 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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E3 without Sony - GameZilla Podcast 234

This week the team gives you their first impressions of Fallout 76 and Pokemon Let's Go to try and disprove the negativity hitting these games on Metacritic. Microsoft rumors of a disc-less Xbox 1 S in the near future. Sony will have no presence at E3 2019 and this concerns us. Find out about all of this and more on episode 234 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Bowsette Regret - GameZilla Podcast 227

This week the crew talks about what we think the next game from the developer Bungie will be. We discuss why some of the terms of service to Pokemon Go don't make sense. Then we have mixed emotions on Sony's decision to finally allow cross play. Also Bowsette.... enough said. All this and more on the GameZilla Podcast 227.

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Telltale's Final Chapter - GameZilla Podcast 226

This week the Deadite Knight tells you the reasons why Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood coming to the PS4 are good but not great. Testanomics talks about the new Pokemon and has tons of fun with the name it was given. Grimlock explains his thoughts on what went wrong with Tell Tale Games. Then JazzE expresses his excitement for the Playstation Classic and we all fill in the games we want to see on the system. All of this and more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 226.

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Nintendo Cloud Saves not Available - GameZilla Podcast 224

This week we discuss the decisions Nintendo has made around its cloud save feature. How the system is broken and what Nintendo needs to do in order to fix it. We then focus on the community outrage of fans at an event put on by Riot games at PAX West and how we feel about the way Riot is dealing with it. All of this and more on episode 224 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Twirlporting - GameZilla Podcast ep204

This week we share our thoughts on some long owned video game world records being taken away. Nintendo magazine gives some hints into the Switch Pokemon game and we tell you what we want to see. EA is in the news again for the same reason they have been in the news for the past few months and Sega is coming to the Switch! Also JazzE Twirl-ports across the country and overseas to bring you the news in eSports. 




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Metal Gear Money Grab - GameZilla Podcast ep197

Caution! Konami is trying to take all your money and we are here to warn you. Also... we talk about some smart decisions being made by Ubisoft before we blow up over video game taxes. Then we tell you what we feel Nintendo should do with their upcoming Pokemon RPG.

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