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E3 without Sony - GameZilla Podcast 234

This week the team gives you their first impressions of Fallout 76 and Pokemon Let's Go to try and disprove the negativity hitting these games on Metacritic. Microsoft rumors of a disc-less Xbox 1 S in the near future. Sony will have no presence at E3 2019 and this concerns us. Find out about all of this and more on episode 234 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Blizz Con Artists - GameZilla Podcast 232

This week on the GameZilla Podcast the NFL has teamed up with the development team at Epic to make team themed Fortnite skins. Blizz Con was a total bust this year due to a last minute decision on not releasing Diablo 4 info. Then we get a last minute final update on everything Super Smash, all this and more on episode 232.

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