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No More Fortnite | GZP 282

This week on GameZilla Podcast Grim and OwlXero cover

  1. Where is Fortnite gone?

  2. Blizzard bans Hearthstone player and is now receiving major backlash.

  3. Xbox is adding content filters to help cut toxicity.

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All this and what game is Grim obsessed with now on episode 282 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Bungie splits from Activision - GameZilla Podcast 242

After some findings from data hackers, we discuss what would be the best way for Nintendo to give us all of their Retro content. The Epic game store has it first big title that will not also be included on Steam. Then we discuss the split between Bungie and Activision and what that means to the gaming community, all this and more on episode 242 of the GameZilla Podcast. 

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Now on the Epic Game Store - GameZilla Podcast 237

This week we have transformed into the SouljaCast and are 66% better! We discuss the new console and handheld systems that are being sold by Soulja Boy. We discuss the possible success of the Epic Game Store and what it could bring to the video game industry. Then we recall the big announcements of the Video Game Awards along with the result of the bet between Grimlock and Deadite.

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Blizz Con Artists - GameZilla Podcast 232

This week on the GameZilla Podcast the NFL has teamed up with the development team at Epic to make team themed Fortnite skins. Blizz Con was a total bust this year due to a last minute decision on not releasing Diablo 4 info. Then we get a last minute final update on everything Super Smash, all this and more on episode 232.

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Playstation's Classic Failure - GameZilla Podcast 231

Microsoft is going to hijack your phone in order to make you better at mobile video games. The Playstation Classic is an epic failure but Epic Games is a huge success. All of this and more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 231.

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The Hall of Fame - GameZilla Podcast ep207

This week we dive into the games that were inducted into the video game hall of fame. We decide whether or not the games that were chosen were deserving and give our opinion on the games that should be considered next year. Then things get a little bit crazy as we each pick a game and style to mash up with Fortnite. 

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Fortnite Fever - GameZilla Podcast ep201

This week we are all sick.... we have what all the kids around the world have .... Fortnite Mobile Fever! We dive into how Fortnite mobile is causing problems in schools and share a few stories of what distracted us from school when we were kids. We talk about a new live action Street Fighter tv series coming out and what the future of Star Wars looks like at EA. Then we finish it all off with some serious talks of unionizing that happened at GDC 2018.

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