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Red Dead Redmeption: Overtime - GameZilla Podcast 230

Rockstar Games have finally made the right decision around employee overtime. Call of Duty is doing DLC right by giving back to the troops that fight for our freedom. The Devil May Cry developers have made a ridiculous special edition and Intellivision is back! All of this and more on episode 230 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Pay To Loot - GameZilla podcast ep154

We cover the Paid To Loot epidemic in gaming this week. Is Paid To Loot pre exposing the younger crowd to addiction forming habits? Will we continue down this dark road of the RNG (Random Number Generator) cash grab? We also cover news coming from Activision with their new Call of Duty game, Blizzard is starting their next mobile game, DOTA 2 makes adjustments to level the playing field and Games Done Quick releases their summer dates and list of games. All this and more on the GameZilla podcast.

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JAZZE IS A FRAUD - GameZilla podcast ep126

We got LEAKS! Mass Effect LEAKED! Overwatch content LEAKED! Jazze's butt LEAKED! plus the year of the DELAY has struck again. Power Ranges make their return to video games in a big way and Cloud 9 makes the quarterfinals! Can you guess which team did not make it? All this and more including a purchase none of us saw coming from Jazze on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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