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Indie Dev Lawsuit, Apex Season 1 and CROCS! | 251

Grim and Deadite deliver your weekly gaming news and entertainment on episode 251 of the GameZilla podcast.

1. Badland never gave Axiom Verge's dev the donations they promised to help aid his sick son.

2. Apex Legends season 1 details.

3. The Simpsons cover the world of eSports.

4. Xbox now lets you stream PC games to your console.

All this plus CROCS on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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Free with Twitch Prime - GameZilla Podcast ep222

This week we start with sending our condolences to the friends and families of the victims of this past weekends tournament shooting. Then we each pick one indie game that we want to see at Nintendo's upcoming Nindies announcement. We appease our Patrons and give our hopes and fears on CD Projekt Red's upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. Then finish it all off with our concerns to the changes of Twitch Prime. All this and more on episode 222 of the GameZilla Podcast. 

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Video Gaming is a Sport - GameZilla Podcast ep221

This week we talk about the upcoming indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. Grimlock expresses his disappointment in Sony celebrating 3 million VR units sold, while JazzE compares it to a toaster oven. Then we prove with cold hard facts that Video Gaming is a sport and should be played at the Olympics. All of this and much much more on the GameZilla Podcast ep221.

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The NES is a Lie - GameZilla Podcast ep219

This week we learned how to properly pronounce NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the group did not take this news well. FIFA 19 adds a survival mode to spice things up and the group talks about what strange modes we would like to see in games. There is a Metroid in Donkey Kong, and Nintendo is having a Smash Bros Direct! All this and more on episode 219 of the GameZilla podcast. 

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Twitch vs. The Music Industry - GameZilla Podcast ep218

Do you think that it is fair that streamers should get banned for playing music during their streams? This week the guys at GameZilla break it down as to what the music industry is trying to do to Twitch streamers. We then spin it around with the feeling of what the music industry should be doing to work with Twitch in a successful unison. 

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Fortnite Trapped Sony - GameZilla Podcast ep212

This week on GameZilla we start with some very generic Nintendo Online news and transition that into a giant debate about what Sony needs to do in order to fix this Fortnite epidemic that is currently going on. We talk a bit about the future of VR and weather or not we are okay with DLC or if we would like our video games complete on day one. We finish the show up with Video gaming finally being recognized as a mental disorder and what has happened in the week of eSports.

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100 Million Dollar Bungie - GameZilla Podcast ep211

This week we talk about the Future of Sony and Microsoft's gaming consoles and why a potential next generation disc drive might be seen. We then discuss the disappointment with the days leading up to this years E3 and what we are worried about for the presentations. Then we shake our heads at some of the retention decisions made by Microsoft and the amount of money Bungie is getting to start a new project.

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R.I.P Best Buy Gamers Club - GameZilla Podcast ep209

This week we have some very sad news to share with you. The downfall of Best Buy gamers club and the effect we think it will have on the industry as a whole. Will Destiny 2 be able to fix its matchmaking system? Nintendo has a new streaming service coming to Japan and Grimlock does not agree with the plan.

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