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100 Million Dollar Bungie - GameZilla Podcast ep211

This week we talk about the Future of Sony and Microsoft's gaming consoles and why a potential next generation disc drive might be seen. We then discuss the disappointment with the days leading up to this years E3 and what we are worried about for the presentations. Then we shake our heads at some of the retention decisions made by Microsoft and the amount of money Bungie is getting to start a new project.

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Video Game Budgets are too High - GameZilla Podcast ep208

Video game budgets are seriously getting out of control. This week we go over how many copies of a AAA title must be sold in order to break even as a gaming producer. We also cover Rocket League news and a leak from Bethesda. 

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The Future of Destiny - GameZilla Podcast ep173

Grimlock and JazzE decide weather or not they can trust Nintendo. We give our post Destiny 2 launch feelings and tell you what you can look forward to in the world of Destiny. Can you save a major game from crashing and burning with only the press of a button? Followed up with a in depth opinion on the morals of streaming.

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