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PAX South Here We Come - GameZilla podcast ep141

Jazze is out sick so Rob the robot fills in and carries the show. Nintendo is at the front of the news with more Switch details. PlayStation breaks Microsoft's streak and Overwatch is about to launch their next event. We recap the amazing event at the Michigan Science Center - After Dark: vintage video games 3. 

Topic of the Show - PAX South

PAX South is only a few days away and the team is getting excited so we spend some time talking about what you the fans want to see from the event and what we are most excited for from PAX South.

All this plus Deadite shares an update on his new laptop and Grimlock thanks Blizzard for the best customer service ever on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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JAZZE IS A FRAUD - GameZilla podcast ep126

We got LEAKS! Mass Effect LEAKED! Overwatch content LEAKED! Jazze's butt LEAKED! plus the year of the DELAY has struck again. Power Ranges make their return to video games in a big way and Cloud 9 makes the quarterfinals! Can you guess which team did not make it? All this and more including a purchase none of us saw coming from Jazze on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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BX8B episode 108

The year of the DELAY STRIKES AGAIN! Jay, Jazze, and Ethan talk about Overwatch adding competitive play, as well as how to find love through League of Legends. Ethan explains his gaming bachelor party and we answer some crazy emails. All this and more on this week's episode of the BX8B podcast.

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