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The Calm Before the Storm of E3 - GameZilla Podcast ep210

This week we discuss how far behind Bungie is with updates for Destiny 2.  We make a bold prediction the Apple likes money and is keeping things off the Apple store that do not help towards that cause. There is talks about Nintendo 64 getting a mini version. Is this a good idea and what games would we like to see on it? All the while Bethesda is teasing us with a live stream while we record. Will the news come out before the show ends and what do we think it could be? 

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Pre PAX East 2018 - GameZilla Podcast ep202

This week all the hype is around the cool things happening at this years PAX East. Grimlock and JazzE let you in on all the things they are excited for. Valve is removing something from Steam. Niantic is finally going to pay up for the flopped Pokemon GO fest last year. Then some sad news in the world of eSports.

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BX8B Episode 86

Its our new format! Listen to this weeks episode today to hear the latest gaming news from the past week. Also, the fella's will talk about the games they've been playing and answer some listener emails! Look out Thursday for the Legend of Retro show where the gang will talk about this weeks retro relapse game they've played and hit on some old school gaming topics.

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