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Pre PAX East 2018 - GameZilla Podcast ep202

This week all the hype is around the cool things happening at this years PAX East. Grimlock and JazzE let you in on all the things they are excited for. Valve is removing something from Steam. Niantic is finally going to pay up for the flopped Pokemon GO fest last year. Then some sad news in the world of eSports.

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Pokemon GO Breaks Chicago - GameZilla podcast ep166

This week Grimlock and JazzE talk about pre-orders for upcoming Xbox One X and SNES Classic. We tell you what Niantic did wrong in their first ever Pokemon GO live event. Then why Nintendo missed their mark on the new online mobile app all while sharing our experiences with Splatoon 2.

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GameZilla podcast ep 113

Pokemon are here! real life hunting of pokemon thanks to Pokemon GO. we cover how this game has potentially changed mobile gaming. From helping us exercise to finding dead bodies the first 5 days of Pokemon GO have been intense. learn tips and tricks on how to be the very best like no one ever was. All this and more on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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