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Bowsette Regret - GameZilla Podcast 227

This week the crew talks about what we think the next game from the developer Bungie will be. We discuss why some of the terms of service to Pokemon Go don't make sense. Then we have mixed emotions on Sony's decision to finally allow cross play. Also Bowsette.... enough said. All this and more on the GameZilla Podcast 227.

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Telltale's Final Chapter - GameZilla Podcast 226

This week the Deadite Knight tells you the reasons why Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood coming to the PS4 are good but not great. Testanomics talks about the new Pokemon and has tons of fun with the name it was given. Grimlock explains his thoughts on what went wrong with Tell Tale Games. Then JazzE expresses his excitement for the Playstation Classic and we all fill in the games we want to see on the system. All of this and more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 226.

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GameZilla podcast ep 113

Pokemon are here! real life hunting of pokemon thanks to Pokemon GO. we cover how this game has potentially changed mobile gaming. From helping us exercise to finding dead bodies the first 5 days of Pokemon GO have been intense. learn tips and tricks on how to be the very best like no one ever was. All this and more on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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