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Xbox's Sharing Has Limits | GZP 275

This week on GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover 

  1. Microsoft: no plans to release more Xbox exclusives on Nintendo Switch or PS4

  2. PUBG Season 4 update and cross-play are finally announced

  3. Destiny 2 Cross-Save Is Up And Running: Here's How It Works

All this and details on the first major eSport event to happen in Detroit on episode 275 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Bowsette Regret - GameZilla Podcast 227

This week the crew talks about what we think the next game from the developer Bungie will be. We discuss why some of the terms of service to Pokemon Go don't make sense. Then we have mixed emotions on Sony's decision to finally allow cross play. Also Bowsette.... enough said. All this and more on the GameZilla Podcast 227.

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The Calm Before the Storm of E3 - GameZilla Podcast ep210

This week we discuss how far behind Bungie is with updates for Destiny 2.  We make a bold prediction the Apple likes money and is keeping things off the Apple store that do not help towards that cause. There is talks about Nintendo 64 getting a mini version. Is this a good idea and what games would we like to see on it? All the while Bethesda is teasing us with a live stream while we record. Will the news come out before the show ends and what do we think it could be? 

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The Hall of Fame - GameZilla Podcast ep207

This week we dive into the games that were inducted into the video game hall of fame. We decide whether or not the games that were chosen were deserving and give our opinion on the games that should be considered next year. Then things get a little bit crazy as we each pick a game and style to mash up with Fortnite. 

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Gaming Meets PornHUB - GameZilla Podcast ep183

Find out what you get when you mix video games with porn on this weeks episode of GameZilla Podcast. We will also clue you into what very sub par decisions Bungie is making for the Destiny 2 expansions and warn you all about the bad boy of gaming everyone is calling EA.

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