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R.I.P Best Buy Gamers Club - GameZilla Podcast ep209

This week we have some very sad news to share with you. The downfall of Best Buy gamers club and the effect we think it will have on the industry as a whole. Will Destiny 2 be able to fix its matchmaking system? Nintendo has a new streaming service coming to Japan and Grimlock does not agree with the plan.

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The Hall of Fame - GameZilla Podcast ep207

This week we dive into the games that were inducted into the video game hall of fame. We decide whether or not the games that were chosen were deserving and give our opinion on the games that should be considered next year. Then things get a little bit crazy as we each pick a game and style to mash up with Fortnite. 

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Fortnite Fever - GameZilla Podcast ep201

This week we are all sick.... we have what all the kids around the world have .... Fortnite Mobile Fever! We dive into how Fortnite mobile is causing problems in schools and share a few stories of what distracted us from school when we were kids. We talk about a new live action Street Fighter tv series coming out and what the future of Star Wars looks like at EA. Then we finish it all off with some serious talks of unionizing that happened at GDC 2018.

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