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Gears 5 Complete & First Impressions of Borderlands 3 | GZP 278

This week on GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover

  1. Spoiler free Gears 5 has been completed by Grim. Find out how this game changed his view of Gears forever.

  2. Borderlands 3 is here get first impressions from Grim and Deadite as they dive back into one of their favorite franchises.

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All this and some special thanks and stories as Grim’s birthday just keeps getting better on episode 278 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Xbox's Sharing Has Limits | GZP 275

This week on GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite cover 

  1. Microsoft: no plans to release more Xbox exclusives on Nintendo Switch or PS4

  2. PUBG Season 4 update and cross-play are finally announced

  3. Destiny 2 Cross-Save Is Up And Running: Here's How It Works

All this and details on the first major eSport event to happen in Detroit on episode 275 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Mad Box Madness - GameZilla Podcast 241

This week we discuss the success of the mobile gaming industry in 2018, specifically within Nintendo. A household cleaning tool that can create video games that you can actually play. Then the debut of the next major gaming console is revealed. All of this and more on episode 241 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Kanye Teams up with Kojima? - GameZilla Podcast 238

This week a group of people have figured out a formula to determine the player base to every Playstation 4 game. We discuss the significance of this and what it could mean to developers. The NES and SNES classic are being discontinued for good this time. Then Epic Games has done it again and is allowing anyone to use their cross platform services all this and more on episode 238 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Leaked - GameZilla Podcast 235

Blizzard is hopping on the hype train and creating a Warcraft Pokemon GO type game. Marvel comics and Riot games have teamed up to create comics on the rich lore of League of Legends. Our Patrons have voted into a tie so we just cover both topics this week. Then the Kong controversy is back in full swing as Billy Mitchell fights to get his records re-instated and Deadite fights to express his love for the famous arcade player. All of this and much more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 235.

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Playstation 5 Controller Leaked? - GameZilla Podcast 233

Microsoft is making a push to grow their exclusivity by adding two new studios to their roster. A new patent has been leaked about a potential Playstation controller and we have a good idea what we think it might be. The Patron’s have chosen another hot topic and Battlefield 5 has one of the most confusing game releases we have seen to date.

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Playstation's Classic Failure - GameZilla Podcast 231

Microsoft is going to hijack your phone in order to make you better at mobile video games. The Playstation Classic is an epic failure but Epic Games is a huge success. All of this and more on the GameZilla Podcast episode 231.

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