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The NES is a Lie - GameZilla Podcast ep219

This week we learned how to properly pronounce NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the group did not take this news well. FIFA 19 adds a survival mode to spice things up and the group talks about what strange modes we would like to see in games. There is a Metroid in Donkey Kong, and Nintendo is having a Smash Bros Direct! All this and more on episode 219 of the GameZilla podcast. 

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The Division 2 - GameZilla Podcast ep199

This week we talk about some really big news! The announcement of The Division 2 to start things off. Then we discuss the timing on Microsoft bringing cross platform to Fortnite. Our thoughts on the new Microsoft live event and finish it all off with Nintendo Direct. 

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PAX West and Nintendo bring us big announcements - GameZilla podcast ep 121

So much news from PAX west and Nintendo Direct we cover these stories and more. Must or Bust debuts telling you what game to look for next week and what to avoid. League of Legends Worlds is about to get started and we have the final teams going to worlds. All this and why Jazze won't be playing Recore on this weeks episode of the GameZilla podcast.

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